Maximize Response with a Great Offer

May 10 , 2017


Easy to explain and quickly understood: The job of your offer – whether it’s presented in your direct mail piece, through your website or on your mobile site – is to motivate the respondent to act now.

This does not necessarily mean it costs you much to give, but that your target thinks it’s valuable. An effective offer is delivered with a sense of urgency, created by limiting the time or the number available. The best offers appeal to your target audience, but aren’t so generous as to attract an unqualified, unprofitable customer.

And, the good news … There’s no need to reinvent the wheel when it comes great offers. Use these popular – and proven – picks as thought starters.

Top 5 business to business (B-to-B) offers

  1. Free information – Guide, white paper or case study.
  2. Free demonstration – Important for products like business equipment.
  3. Money-back guarantee – Refund for product/service if not completely satisfied.
  4. Free survey of your needs – Used by service companies, such as accounting, legal and maintenance.
  5. Free trial – Common for higher priced services or merchandise.

Top 5 business-to-consumer (B-to-C) offers

  1. Free gift – Effective for driving traffic to consumer service businesses or retailers.
  2. Customer appreciation sale – Special deals for past or loyal customers only.
  3. Trade-in – Dollars off when you purchase new and trade in old.
  4. Seasonal sale – Tied to time-limited sales period.
  5. Special terms – Bill me later, low or no interest, installments.

Need help in crafting or implementing your offer?

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