Next Steps

The 10 Actions Needed to Acquire a KKP Franchise

  1. Contact us to Begin the Process

    You can reach the Marketing & Print Division Development Department at 800-445-5172 or [email protected].

  2. Complete our confidential Franchise Candidate Profile

    We’ll email you a copy once we connect.

  3. Discuss our Network Support

    There are over 50 different initiatives in place to make your KKP Franchise a more profitable business.

  4. Review the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)

    The Government of Canada requires franchisors to provide prospective purchasers a disclosure document, which we’ll send to you. The FDD includes important information about your investment, along with a copy of the current KKP Franchise Agreement.

  5. Call Current KKP Franchise Owners

    You are also invited to contact the owners of other franchise brands operating in the Marketing & Print Division.

  6. Apply to become a KKP Franchise Owner

    We’ll assist you in completing your application.

  7. Attend a "Discovery Day" at our Home Office in Plymouth, Michigan

    You’ll have the opportunity to meet and interact with our leadership team and numerous members of our staff responsible for providing technical, training, administrative, marketing and other support to KKP Franchise Owners.

  8. Sign your Franchise Agreement

    Your due diligence process ends and entrepreneur opportunity begins the day you join us as a KKP Franchise Owner and begin benefiting from our franchise business model.

  9. Begin Training to Succeed as a KKP Franchise Owner

    It's now time for us to demonstrate the incredible franchise support available to you.

  10. Cut the Ribbon on Opening Day!

    Congratulations; it’s now time to begin your entrepreneurship journey as a KKP Franchise Owner. And while there will be challenges, so will there be successes, and likely many of them! In capitalizing on the KKP Centre ownership opportunity and availing you of our many franchise support programs, you are well-positioned to be in business for yourself, but never by yourself.

To Learn How You'll Benefit From Ownership, Contact Us Today