3 Elements of a Great Logo

Jul 2 , 2014

3 Elements of a Great Logo 

You’ve done it! You have ventured into entrepreneurship. You have dedicated countless hours to building your company culture and now your company speaks to who you are and what you do.

Now you need an original, creative graphic image to connect the company name to a graphic to spark brand recognition in consumer’s minds.

A properly designed logo will communicate 4 things:

  • What your company does.
  • Company culture and target audience.
  • Professionalism.
And most importantly

  •      Stand out among the hundreds of companies in your market.

FONT is key. When choosing your typeface its much more than simply selecting a random font from the drop down menu in Word. You need to think about what the font will aim to represent. Will it represent simplicity, functionality or a clear direction forward? Choosing the right font and your logo speaks for itself, choose the wrong font and your company could project the wrong message.

Symbols?(Symbols) trigger your company’s ideologies in the minds of your consumers.  In order for your logo to quickly come to mind, it must be easy to recall and identify. The golden arches and the swoosh are among the most worldwide known symbols (even now we didn’t say the company name, rather the symbol associated with the brand… see how effective they can be?)

Colour can generate psychological responses depending on the tone, shade and what colours are mixed together. Depending on the meaning of your logo, you need to think about what colours you want to place together. On the other hand, there are endless possibilities with colour, so get creative (if that matches your company’s culture).

While talking about creating a logo may seem simple enough, actually making the logo come to life can be another story. So if the creativity becomes stunted or you are not an artist there are many experts out there ready to help bring your vision to life! (*ahem KKP).