How Branded Apparel Helps Build Your Brand

Sep 5 , 2018

In today’s climate of entrepreneurialism, chances are good that your business has plenty of competition. That means it’s more important than ever for your brand to stand out from the crowd and to have a distinctive corporate design. If you’ve been thinking about adding branded apparel to your company’s promotional strategies, you’re on the right track.

A study by the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI), an advertising research and education industry leader, showed that Canadian and U.S. consumers currently own – and hold on to – an overwhelming number of promotional apparel items, from corporate gifts to general business promotional items. 

The most popular apparel items noted in ASI’s study included t-shirts, hats and outerwear. Here are some compelling statistics from the ASI research: 

 ·         58% of consumers across all age ranges own promotional shirts.

 ·         50% of consumers, primarily women, have promotional bags, which generate more impressions than any other promotional item.

 ·         50% of consumers own promotional outerwear and fleece – some of the most-kept items.

 ·         41% of consumers own promotional caps or headwear.

Let’s look at why these branded promotional items are such powerful tools for cohesive branding, from both the customer and business perspective.

Creates brand ambassadors

Branded apparel is an influential way to turn customers (employees too!) into walking, talking billboards. Include a t-shirt or polo in a welcome package for your new team members or as a thank you for a large customer order. Nonprofits can distribute brightly colored t-shirts or caps to event volunteers and donors – both items delivering six months or more of brand exposure, per ASI. 

Adds professionalism

Beyond the advertising value, branded apparel is a great way to ensure a professional look in your organization, especially among customer-facing staff. A well-fitting, tastefully branded shirt, jacket or hat can create a consistent, clean aesthetic for workers at all levels – whether it’s for a daily uniform or simply to stand out as a group at a convention or trade show.

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