When it comes to promotional products choose wisely

Jul 26 , 2017
The effective use of promotional products is more than just handing out a mug or a magnet at a trade show. After all, the purpose of these items is to build awareness of your brand. So, make sure the items you’re putting your company name or logo on are a complement to your company’s image and make a positive impression.

Here are four key points to consider when purchasing your promotional products:

  1. Give them what they want. The best promotional products are the ones that have value to the recipients and ones they will use every day. Items such as sticky-notes, note pads and pens work well for most businesses. Farmers and construction workers might enjoy receiving a cap. People need them, use them daily, and they’re relatively inexpensive.
  2. Maintain the quality. Promotional products are a direct representation of your company. You want people to associate you with quality and value, not cheapness. And while that doesn’t mean you need to buy $20 items for every customer, you do need to make sure you get something that your customer wants to use that will hold up well. For example, if you’re giving out pens, make sure they’re the kind of pens people will reach for first. Pens should write well on most surfaces, be smear-proof, and feel good in the recipient’s hand.
  3.  Keep good design in mind. Your brand and information on your promotional products should be attractive, organized and usable. Make sure your business name or logo is presented clearly, and be sure to include your website address. On sticky pads and notepads, your information and logo should be on every page, but should still allow the product to be used.
  4. Hit the target. You don’t need to give out promo products to everyone. That would be a waste of money. Rather, choose your targets, the items they get and what criteria needs to be met for them to receive it. Maybe you want to say thank you to a new client or reward repeat business from a loyal customer. Set and adhere to whatever parameters make good sense for your business.

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