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Mobile Websites

Reach on-the-go consumers with a site that automatically adapts to smartphones and tablets.

Mobile-friendly websites are ones that instantly display correctly on hand-held devices such as Android phones, iPhones and other smartphones, as well as iPads and tablets.

For businesses, organizations and nonprofits, creating or updating to a mobile-friendly website is no longer an option; it's a must. According to recent research:

  • Today’s consumers spend most of their online media time on their mobile devices, not on the desktops or laptops.
  • The number of mobile users who have made a purchase online is already substantial, and it’s continuing to rise.
  • Consumer patience is growing thin; they’re more likely than ever to leave your website if it’s not a mobile-friendly site.
  • Google ranks websites that are not optimized for mobile viewing lower on its search engine results pages. This is a significant penalty, and one that can negate any gains in ranking you’ve made with search engine optimization (SEO).

So, how can you tell if your website is mobile friendly? Access it with your smartphone. If your current site doesn't load easily or render in narrow, easy-reading columns for viewing on your screen, it's in urgent need of a mobile website design.

And, who to turn to for a mobile-friendly website design? KKP. We’re well experienced in all aspects of developing websites. In fact, all the sites we create or update today feature responsive web designs.

Note that a mobile-friendly website created by KKP is not a separate one that comes addition to your desktop-friendly version. We design a single website that works on desktops and laptops. By employing the best practices in responsive web design, the site also becomes mobile friendly.

Benefits to our mobile-friendly websites

By recognizing devices such as smartphones and tablets, your mobile site will automatically:

  •          Offer simplified menus and streamlined site navigation
  •          Display only key information, recognizing that most mobile users are shopping or searching while on the go
  •          Operate easily via smartphone and tablet touches and swipes, rather than with a mouse with a cursor as with a desktop or laptop
  •          Minimize images, forms and text; while attractive on a larger computer, these elements slow down the fast operation of a good mobile site
  •          Leverage mobile website exclusives when applicable, such as GPS or “tap-to-call” features

If all these advantages aren't enough for you to consider creating or updating to a mobile-friendly site from KKP, here's one more. Your competitors. Access their sites with your smartphone to see if they're mobile friendly. With a mobile site from KKP, you keep pace with or, better yet, a step ahead of the competition.


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