Blueprints and Construction Plan Printing

Blueprints and Construction Plan Printing examples
Blueprints and Construction Plan Printing

BluePrints and CONSTRUCTION Plan Printing

Are you wondering where to get your blueprints printed?

At KKP Canada printing centres we can reproduce all your architectural plans, blueprints and engineering drawings accurately and in high definition.

Architectural drawings, blueprints, construction plans and the like are facsimiles of original drawings prepared by an architect, contractor or engineer. When used in building, these copies provide the owner, general contractor and sub-contractors all the information needed to visualize a project, place a bid on its completion, and build it exactly to specifications. 

The plans contain all key information about the construction. The copies provided to all participants help ensure that measurements and materials are correct. As a result, the finished structure will be structurally sound and appear as originally envisioned.

Given the importance of accurate plan reproductions, it’s important to select a highly qualified printer like KKP. Employing the latest advancements in large-format printing and industry best practices in digital printing, we reproduce detailed architectural and line drawings with high definition and excellent contrast.

At KKP Canada we offer a variety of construction printing services, from a single oversized print to complete engineering blueprint packages. We also offer capabilities such as document enlargements and reductions, wide format digital scanning, lamination, and display mounting services.

Our blueprint printing capabilities include mono plan printing (i.e., black and white) as well as colour plan printing. You can also selectively use colour on black-and-white drawings to clarify details or otherwise highlight important considerations.

Get the high-quality blueprints your business needs at your local KKP print Canada store. Do you want to know how does it cost to print blueprints? 

Contact your local KKP centre and rely on our experts to answer all your questions about our services.


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