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Digital Signs

Bright idea: Change marketing messages easily and instantly with digital signs and digital displays.

Digital signs employ LCDs (liquid crystal displays), LEDs (light-emitting diodes) and projection screens for the benefit of businesses, organizations and nonprofits of all types. With these technologies, you’re able to display content including digital images, scrolling information and streaming media (i.e., unrecorded “live” video) as well as taped or recorded video.

Compared to conventional, non-digital signage, the presentation is generally brighter. The colours are more vivid. And, the content more dynamic. On digital signs, the images move to gain the attention of viewers. And, just about as often as you want, the content changes to something new to retain their interest.

To take advantage of all that digital signage offers, you’ll need a resource that’s on top of the industry. Which is why we should be at the top of your list. KKP.

Offering you all the latest advancements in digital signage. And, then some.

With us, you don’t have to work hard to keep pace with all the latest advancements in digital signage. We do it for you. And, we can advise you on the solution that’s best for your situation. These include:
  • Digital menu boards: Most of these digital signage systems employ LCD monitors to display appetizing images of food entrées and beverages. On digital menu boards, users can easily change selections from breakfast to lunch to dinner. The can also update prices and add promotions. 
  • Digital marketing screens with built-in media players: Simple but effective digital advertising solutions, digital marketing screens let almost any business benefit from digital signage. Designed to play your graphics continuously, they’re available in screen sizes to fit any space and signage budget. Mount them on a wall, position them on a shelf, or use a floor stand. With the built-in media player, you’ll upload your videos or static images easily by inserting standard USB thumb drives.
  • Digital video wall displays: Want to make a big impression, or maybe a huge one? The solution is a video wall system. They’re made of multiple, flat-panel LED monitors. Working together, the many monitors combine to display a single video over a wall’s worth of real estate! These giant digital displays are perfect for promoting your newest offerings at a trade show. Or, display videos of your products in a large store. Video wall displays are great in any venue where you seek to make a grand impression!
  • Indoor LED signs: Powerful advertising tools, LED signs for indoor applications can display graphics, text and, in some cases, videos. Attractive and flexible, they're also user-friendly. Indoor LED signs can be programmed easily with computer software.  
  • Interactive digital displays: Also termed touch-screen kiosks, these digital solutions offer instant engagement with prospects, trade show attendees and other audiences. Use them, for example, to present shoppers an interactive mall directory. Inform or entertain visitors to your trade show booth or company lobby. Post schedules and upcoming events at schools, hospitals or other institutions. Interactive digital displays operate in much the same way as screens on smartphones or tablets. Users appreciate them! And, you’ll like the benefits they bring you. By providing information in a touch-screen format, you’ll prompt visitors to stay longer in your store or at your convention booth. You’ll deliver information that viewers might miss elsewhere. And, by providing answers or directions, you’ll forestall time-consuming questions that might otherwise be directed at your representatives. 
  • Outdoor LED signs: These digital signage solutions are much like indoor LED signs but on a much larger scale to catch the eye of passing motorists. LED signs for outdoor applications are often used to promote sales, the arrival of new inventory or special events. Of course, most users of outdoor LED signs seek to draw more prospects through their doors.
Ready to learn more about how digital signage can benefit your business, organization or nonprofit? See us. When considering projection screens, LCDs and LEDs, just think of KKP. 


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