5 Keys to Successfully Branding your Business


It is safe to assume that branding is a core aspect to any business. It is crucial not only to get it just right, but to also ensure that you and your company’s brand evolves appropriately with any changing industry.

We value the importance of branding here at KKP so we’ve compiled a top 5 list of branding tips for any business, any industry, and individual!

Colour is Key:

As we outlined in our last blog on colour, colour is crucial and more important then many people assume. Keep in mind that although everyone may see colour differently, you need to consider the symbolic values behind colour. For example, the colour red is associated with excitement, anger, and stopping here in the western world. However, in some eastern cultures, red represents happiness and sincerity. This is important to consider when branding your company if you plan on marketing yourself internationally.

More common examples of the importance of colour would me a more eco-friendly company choosing green and white for their colours to portray an environmentally friendly image. Or, a large corporation, using navy blue and/or black to portray a more serious, corporate feel to their brand.

Consistency is crucial:

You want to remain consistent with your messaging and branding. Nothing is worse than a company that can’t make up their mind about who they are! Keep it simple and keep it smooth. You want to get that share of mind and stay there!

Consistency is also what differentiates you from your competition in the industry. It allows you maintain and deliver your key messaging. It encourages loyalty and trust within your brand; this is key in the beginning stages!

Change can be good:

Changing your logo/slogan/website every six months is not going to do much for your company, but reinventing yourself every few years can do wonders!

Although consistency is crucial, it is important to recognize when it is time to change. This can caused by industry changes, increased competition, decrease in sales etc. Sometimes you just need a facelift.

Change can really be a good thing, but make sure you do your research! Ensure that the colours you choose appeal to your target market, make sure your wording is memorable, and ensure that you are not loosing focus of what your brand is about! People make assumptions based on branding, and you want to maintain good assumptions.

Stand out:

This is somewhat obvious when branding your company, however it sometimes becomes overlooked when going through the process. Take a look at your industry and competition and understand what drives the market. Know that you are disposable; business is business, and you can go at any time!

To be successful and to have a strong brand, one must find their competitive edge and drive it through all aspects of the business!

Have a personality:

This is such an important aspect of branding, and most forget to have one! A personality can have many different forms in branding. Whether this be an overall tone in your text and copy, or an actual face to the company, you need to have this. Customers/clients need to have something they can relate to.

Everyone perceives your personality differently, but it is important to consider the fact that it is always based on his or her personal values and their cultural conditioning. This is why you need a deep understanding of your target market.

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