Does direct mail still work


More and more businesses are re-evaluating their marketing budgets to determine what’s the best place to allocate their dollars. Online campaigns always use an important percentage of this budget, but where should the remaining budget to get a great return on investment?

Many marketers believe the right place is direct mail. Why? Direct mail integrated well with digital campaigns and plays an important role generating leads, increasing brand visibility and customer retention.

Here are five reasons why direct mail marketing work and is still relevant in this day and age:

1.      Tangible. Direct mail is popular because it goes directly to the hands of the recipient. It allows people to interact with the piece, feel and touch it. The right design combined with the right message can make a significant impact. Some may say emails also go directly to potential customers as well but unlike physical mail, they can easily end up on a spam or junk folder. On top of this, emails don’t have the same emotional appeal that a direct mail piece can have when it reaches the readers hands.

2.      Targeted.  When it comes to reaching the right people, at the right time – direct mail is the way to go. Targeted lists and even variable print can make your message stand out amongst your competitors. Nowadays, marketers can target messages based on activities and interests giving them the ability to micro-segment prospects. Whether you are trying to send something to your best customers, lapsed customers or even prospects – direct mail is the way to go—the more targeted the message, the better the response.

3.      Flexible. Direct mail gives you the ability to select from a range of formats and it doesn’t have to be one dimensional either! Whether you are mailing postcards, promotional products or even magazines – the message, dimensions and volume is something you can control. Make an impact without the physical constraints of digital communications.

4.      Measurable. There are different ways to track, measure and even improve your direct mail campaigns. You can use call tracking numbers, special offer codes, and even custom tracking codes for each piece to understand the effectiveness, open rates, and return on investment of each mailing campaign.  

5.      Personalized. To reach your customers, personalization is key. There’s something special about seeing your name in print. You connect with the piece. If you are looking to add some additional flair and personalization, you use variable images that appeal to them and even track results with PURLs. 

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