Why Print is More Effective


Why is it that receiving a letter, a coupon, or a flyer from a company is so much more exciting then getting an email? For starters, it’s personalized; but it’s also tangible / physical. Although people can ‘Google’ a business and find the information they need, there is still something special about opening a piece of mail and scanning its contents for great deals, products and services.  

Neil Fleming, a renowned teacher and founder of the VARK questionnaire, found that 65 percent of all people are visual learners; they absorb information through pictures, colours, logos or anything that features visual elements other than text. Although you can share visuals online, printed materials that feature strong graphics and awesome content will catch people’s attention in a way that a digital image may not.

The internet has allowed us to have the world at our fingertips. In a matter of seconds, we can shift our attention from viewing industry statistics, to watching funny videos on YouTube. We are exposed to content every day and as more and more people are engaging with audiences online, the amount of content that is shared is increasing. 

If you frequent Facebook or Twitter, how many posts would you say you see each day? Probably too many to remember. On another note, how many emails do you receive every day from companies informing you of their latest discounts or products? Now compare that number to the amount of flyers, brochures or letters that you receive in the mail. That number is probably infinitely smaller. The internet and digital media is a great tool that provides endless amounts of information but it’s also very easy to get lost in the noise. This is where print marketing can help your business stand out. 

As we have mentioned in recent posts, people engage with physical products in a way that they don’t with digital forms of advertising. Holding a letter or browsing through a flyer or catalogue can both help to promote a business and can provide information at your fingertips as you can reference prices, products, coupons and company information. Digital marketing does have its benefits but we believe that print marketing should be integrated into your marketing plans, to help your business truly stand out from the rest. 

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