Frequently Asked Questions

Answers About Becoming a KKP Franchise Owner

How big is the marketing and printing industry, and how is it evolving as technology advances?

Printing is a $4.2 billion industry, reports Statistics Canada (2015), employing 49,600 individuals in 3,143 establishments. Those printers which can diversify into related services and especially digital look to grow the most. A survey from the Canadian Association of Marketing Professionals & Ignite Digital – Canadian Marketers 2016 Outlook – found that digital marketing influences the business strategy of 80% of respondents.

What kind of customers will I be working with?

As a franchisee, you will operate a centre that markets a full range of design, printing, and sign services. Since you will be working primarily with other business people in your community, most of your customers will be professionals like yourself. Your job will be to provide them with professional marketing communication materials and programs that will help them meet their business goals.

What kind of hours can I expect to work?

Of course, starting your KKP Franchise may require more hours in the beginning, as you learn the ropes. We recommend that you stay open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

What impact has the increase of e-commerce and the Internet had on the marketing and printing industry? How has the Marketing & Print Division taken advantage of online opportunities?

Even though usage of the internet continues to increase, the printing industry continues to grow as printed materials are extensively used by businesses, organizations and the community at large. In fact, a recent study by CAP Ventures indicated that in many cases, print volume increases when the internet is used for marketing and communication.

Through our customizable website and online ordering and proofing program, franchise owners offer their customers the convenience of order entry and print management through e-commerce that increases sales, client loyalty and satisfaction. In addition, KKP Franchise Owners develop websites, email campaigns and social media campaigns for their customers, often tapping into the headquarters-based Marketing Resource Center for help with development and implementation.

Do I have to start a business from scratch?

No, you can get a head start and buy an existing business. Let us help you purchase an existing KKP Franchise or buy a printing shop that’s independent and convert it to a KKP Franchise through our MatchMaker® Program.

Where do I get the supplies to run my business?

Our Home Office will provide you with comprehensive information regarding our national contracts pricing with preferred vendors and recommendations for all areas of your business. In addition, your Regional Director (RD) will help you identify local suppliers.

How do I access designers, web developers and others who won’t be on my staff when I start?

This is where the Marketing Resource Center (MRC) comes in. It’s a professional service resource that gives you access to strategic planning experts, as well as top quality copywriters, designers, digital technology experts, media analysts—every function you may need to plan and execute marketing plans and projects for your customers. In the early days, you focus on sales and production functions, and the MRC will provide you with any or all services you either don’t have in-house or haven’t sourced locally. In the future, you decide whether to add marketing service specialists to your business, develop a local partner network, continue to rely upon the MRC, or use any combination of these options to execute client programs and projects.

What do you offer in the way of technical support?

Our corporate Help Desk is available to answer your questions about everything from computers and prepress, to printing and bindery, mailing services, and business operating software via a toll-free 24-hour Help Desk phone line. In addition, our Technology Team evaluates new products, researches ideas to enhance operations and publishes numerous technical bulletins, manuals and other training materials for your benefit throughout the year.

What are some of the most important skills necessary to become a successful KKP Franchise Owner?

Some of the most important skills effective KKP Franchise Owners possess are “people skills.” Because you will be managing your staff, dealing with customers, making sales calls on potential customers and networking within your community, a wide variety of people skills will enhance the performance of your business. Other important skills include organizational ability, an understanding of finance and marketing and a willingness to implement our proven systems. Finally, it has been our experience that KKP Franchise Owners who get the most out of this business simply have a strong desire to succeed.

How do new technologies automate pricing and order entry?

There are key order entry computer software applications we highly recommend to KKP Franchise Owners. These valuable tools facilitate order entry, pricing, billing and other functions essential to operating a business. As a new franchise owner, you will be fully trained on how to use this system and our Technology Group provides ongoing support for these software programs.

What does the Marketing & Print Division do to help me promote my business in my local market?

Our in-house Marketing Group provides complete sales, marketing and public relations support and produces turn-key marketing materials and programs to build brand awareness, generate sales leads and develop key accounts within your business community.

Why does the company go to such great lengths to support its franchise owners?

Our company’s Core Focus is our passion for empowering success! By providing KKP Franchise Owners and the franchise owners of our other brands with high-impact programs and support, we enhance the power of our network.

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