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Enhance your online presence to increase your business and build your brand 

No matter how small or large, just about every business, organization and nonprofit today needs to be where consumers are going. And, increasingly, people are flocking to the web. Via desktops, laptops and mobile devices, just about everyone is accessing the internet.

On the web, people are shopping for products and services. Searching for information. Locating nearby brick-and-mortar sites. Contributing to worthy causes. Communicating with others. And, enrolling in everything from clubs and contests to classes and loyalty programs.

If you’re interested in going where many of your best prospects are going, come to KKP.

One convenient source for effective digital solutions

 Experienced in all aspects of digital marketing, we can assist you with a host of smart digital solutions. These can include any one, several or all these tactics:

  •  Website design: Let us create a new website for you or update an existing one. Our website design solutions feature sites that are responsive. This means their displays and content automatically adjust to the device that consumers are viewing it on.
  •  Search Engine Optimization (SEO): By identifying keywords and placing them throughout your text (among other techniques), we can boost your website's rankings – and its traffic. SEO is key. The higher you rank on Google, Bing and other search engine pages, the greater the traffic you're likely to drive to your website.
  •  Search Engine Marketing (SEM): Also called paid search, SEM boosts website visitors with PPC or pay-per-click advertising on Google and other search engines. You’ll bid on keywords (e.g., veterinary services, St. Catherines) that, when entered, brings your PPC ad to the screen of the searcher. It’s most often displayed just above the organic results at the top of the page. When the viewer clicks on your PPC ad and links to your website (or phone), you’ll pay a small fee, but only up to an amount you’ve established ahead of time.

The tactics listed above are but a few of the many ways KKP can help you with online marketing. Among digital marketing companies, we distinguish ourselves with a full suite of digital marketing solutions, responsive service … and highly competitive prices.



We are beyond thrilled by the job that KKP did! Not only did they work on our unrealistic and quick turnaround time, they even were gracious when we found an error after printing. They are wonderful to work with and we would recommend them over and over!
Communications Manager
From my first email inquiring about paper types, sizing and pricing to checking out samples, to receiving my prints and all correspondences, I am beyond satisfied with the products and customer service.