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Everyone knows sending out a direct mail communication is a lot slower than merely sending out an email, but then why do so many companies still rely on mailers to reach their customers? The answer is simple; direct mail is a very effective way of generating results, and for the most part, has a lot better response rate than emails.

One of the top reasons why direct mail is so effective is the level of personalization it allows. Nowadays, companies like KKP who offer mailing services, use variable data printing technology to intervene each mail piece. They also combine mailing campaigns with other services and products to improve the open rates and overall user experience. Forrester found that 77% of consumers prefer and are more likely to recommend or even pay more for brands that provide personalized experiences.

Here we want to share with you the multiple ways you can personalize your direct mail:

  •  Standard personalization: This is the most basic type of personalization. Instead of sending generic mailers addressed to whom-it-may-concern or dear-resident, you should be addressing each piece to the person you want to reach. Most households have more than one person. Ideally, you want to reach the person who is more likely to be interested in your company's products and services. When people feel like your business is communicating one on one with them, they are more likely to respond or take action.
  •  Image personalization: Variable data printing allows you to do a lot more than adding the name of the person you are sending the mailer to. With this technology, you can make each piece unique based on your customer's purchase history or any other information you have from them. The customization capabilities are unlimited. One of the most impressive applications for variable "graphics" printing is the ability to customize your printed pieces with different images during the printing process. Doing this will help make each piece more targeted for the person you want to reach. 
  •           Personalize the message: The more you can understand your audience and their preferences, the easier it will be to segment them and create messages that resonate with them. To connect with your audience, you will need to address issues they are interested in. Use the information you have about each individual to appeal to them on a personal level. If you know the type of work they do or the type of activities they enjoy, the sports they watch, or the pets they have, you can adapt your message to get their attention.
  •           Personalize your landing pages. One of the best ways to measure your direct mail campaigns' effectiveness is by utilizing personalized landing pages (PURLs). Every time you get someone to visit these websites, you will be able to track how many people received your message and took action. In addition to that, you can easily customize a web page and pro-populate it with the contact information you have to make sure each customer feels like the message is specific to them.
  • Personalize the outside: We are not only talking about personalizing an envelope with the name and address of your recipient. We mean going the extra mile and thinking outside the box, literally. Instead of using traditional things like white envelopes or brown boxes, invest in elements that will make your message stand out in the mailbox. This can be as simple as adding your logo or as complex as customizing the whole package with distinct colors, patterns, textures, and shapes.
  • Add a personalized promotional item: Promo items are powerful tools to engage prospects and nurture your relationship with existing clients. Including a promotional gift in your direct mail campaign can significantly improve your response rate. The key to doing this successfully is to include a branded item your recipients can get use out of. When you send these out, you should have a brief message explaining why you thought of sending this item and the value you want to them. This will not only put your brand on your recipients' radar, but it will also generate a positive view of your business.

Don't miss the chance to make an impact personalizing your next direct mail campaign. Let KKP help you integrate your contact data into the printing process to make each piece unique!

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