Five Tips to Develop Your 2022 Marketing Plan


Five Tips to Develop Your 2022 Marketing Plan

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With the leaves changing and the air having that cool crisp to it, you can tell the season’s changing – into planning season for next year, that is! While it may be tempting to simply shake the dust off your 2021 plan and reuse it for next year, it’s a far more worthwhile idea to take the time for a fresh approach. Perhaps it’s time to add a print component to your marketing campaign or focus more on the digital end. 

Regardless of what channels you use, a multichannel approach can benefit you and your organization in a big way by providing different places to meet your audience. If you didn’t use such a marketing mix in the previous year and only focused on one channel at a time, consider how you can change things up in 2022.

When planning for the next year, take a hard look at your spend from the past year and what you set out to achieve, and make note of what worked and what didn’t. Did print services rise to the occasion and draw in new customers? Was a social media push worthwhile to make meaningful connections with your existing clients? If you spent big on a marketing channel that didn’t pan out, it may be time to try something new.

No matter what your company plans for the next year may involve, here’s a few tips to keep in mind when setting out to develop your marketing strategy:

1.    Establish your budget: Determine now what your marketing budget is doing to be and do your best to stick to that. If your business has already been around for several years, chances are you know what kind of budget works for your company. But if you’re new to this, keep in mind that small companies usually devote somewhere between 4% and 8% of their revenue to marketing efforts.
2.    Determine your goals: Are you looking to grow sales by a certain amount? Double your leads? Perhaps you’re launching a brand new product or service that you want to push. The best kind of marketing goals are both specific to your business and measurable over time.
3.    Benchmark your past tactics: When creating a 2022 plan, begin by looking back at the past few years. Use the analytical tools available to you to see what’s been working and what hasn’t. If you’re marketing with email, how’s your click-through rate? If you’re using print marketing services, have you seen customers come in with your flyers or coupons? If a tactic is showing that it doesn’t work for you, don’t waste your budget!
4.    Review your options: A multichannel approach is favored by experienced marketers, so look into how it can work for you. While printing services, direct mail and public relations are often part of the mix, digital marketing can’t be forgotten either. See how you can include websites, email marketing, social media and pay-per-click advertising in your next campaign.
5.    Prioritize your efforts: While it’d be nice to have a presence on every available platform, that’s not often the smartest use of your budget. After determining what channels historically work best for your business, make those your top priority in your multichannel mix.

One more tip from your friends at KKP: don’t forget about the power of print! While digital marketing has certainly become the contemporary standard, print services are a great way to support any multichannel approach you may take. Adding custom printed marketing materials to your campaign can add a physical, tangible element that makes a key impression on new leads.

If you need assistance with planning ahead for 2022, reach out to your local KKP center. For decades, KKP has been providing a comprehensive combination of quality print, design and sign services as well as marketing assistance to Canadian businesses just like yours. Call us today to set up a consultation.

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