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Enhance the appeal of your documents.

While professional printing can make your documents look sharp, that's only the starting point if you want your marketing materials to make an impact. With the average person being exposed to thousands of messages every day, print gives us a chance to leave a lasting impression with our marketing campaign.

If you’d like your annual report, brochure, direct mail campaign or other business materials to stand out, KKP can help you turn your standard marketing collateral into something extraordinary with our wide range of finishing services.

To improve the look, touch, appeal or functionality of your printed pieces, you can choose from a variety of specialty papers, bindery options, and other finishing services. We’ll help you transform what was once a simple stack of printed paper into communications that can boost sales, enhance engagement, improve response rates, and provide greater value to your customers.

Contact our team to discuss the different finishing options that we can use on your marketing materials. Here are just a few examples of how our finishing services can benefit your business:

  • Binding: If you are creating training materials for students or employees, you may want the books to easily lay open and stay flat for quick reference, highlighting or note taking. Spiral binding provides an affordable solution that is easily scalable if you are mass producing training manuals or materials. If you want to expand the life span of your business collateral, perfect binding is a popular alternative that uses adhesive to hold pages in place with a flat spine. It’s often a popular choice for books, catalogs, and employee manuals. Other options include comb binding, velo binding, wire binding and saddle-stitching. 
  • Embossing: The finishing touch that stands out on it’s own. Embossing is a technique that presses letters, shapes or designs into printed marketing materials to create a multi-dimensional look and feel for the recipient. If you are looking to add a distinctive look to your brochures, a new texture to your business cards or bring your presentation materials to the top of the pile – embossing will help your materials pop.
  • Folding: Once the ink is applied, paper emerges flat from the printing press. Folding is the process by which a machine creates crisp, sharp, and precise folds for your invitations, mailers, tri-fold brochures, and other printed materials. Simple? Not always. For example, thicker paper often requires scoring before folding to prevent cracking, tearing or rough edges.
  • Laminating: If you plan on creating a restaurant menu, equipment instructions for a shop-floor, signage that needs to stand up to heavy use, or prefer an attractive glossy finish on a report cover? Lamination can help preserve, protect, or enhance the look of your documents.

Or ask us about any of our other print finishing services: 

Booklet making Coating Collating
Perforating Foiling Padding
Spot varnishing Scoring Sealing
Die-cutting Tabbing

At KKP, we want to make sure that when you invest in your marketing materials that they get the extra attention and special finishes, they need to stand out. Do you want to sit down and talk about how to make a significant impact with your marketing campaign? Contact us today to get started. 

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